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Fully Resposive

we have designed our site to be fully responsive on all devices. No exceptions! Unless you can come up with really weird dimensions of course.

Retina Ready

Our site is Retina ready meaning that even users with retina displays that require higher resolution images will be able to enjoy the site.

Stylish Design

We know you all hate bad aesthetics just as much as we do, so we hired professional designers and color scheme experts to make this site as good looking and user friendly as possible.


Clean Code

With our clean code and our cutting edge server technology our average load time is lower than 2 second all over the world!

Easy To Customize

Our service is already super customizable and with every new update it is becoming even more customizable.

Free of Charge

Maybe you're a student or don't have an online payment solution or you just don't want to spend money on the service just yet. And we totally understand that! with your emotional and financial support we were able to keep this service free!


Easy to Read Anlaytics

Good Design

With a Great Design of Analytics Dashboard, You can easily Read and Understand your data

Easy Reading

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve large text areas


Track Your Payments history in a single click as well as request a Payment

Notification System

Get Notified First with our In-site Notification System in Member Area

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Sign Up now! It's completely free and it's really all your need to start. All you need is an email!


Login to your dashboard. This is where you will be able to create your social media links and check their statistics.

Create Your Lock

Once you're in your dashboard click on create, add the social media links you want to add and click Generate!

Share and enjoy!

Now that you have created your Unlock To Get link you are ready to share it with the world and enjoy! :D

Monitoring Tools

Monitor the unlocks on your Locked Links and Earnings in Real Time in Analytics Page.



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